Our commitments

Our commitments

Clearcase delivers experienced advice in PR and development strategies for professional services firms. We pride ourselves on working in a proactive manner and on our commitment to our clients’ success, in the respect of their specific constraints and etiquette. Our motto : Be persuasive. Be convinced.

Whether our clients have previous experience or not, we see marketing and PR as areas where performance indicators can and should be applied.



Clearcase advises a number of firms, large and small, niche and « generalists », Paris-based and throughout France.

Image and competition audits

How are my services and my firm perceived by the market place, my prescriptors, partners and clients? Who are my new competiors and how do they market their expertise?


How to define a realistic ambition and long-term vision? How to express this positioning in a powerful pitch?

PR strategy

Conception of stand-out PR strategies in support of your business development plans. The fact that we know the market you operate in enables us to recommend relevant think tanks, professional bodies etc. where best to approach your prescriptors and clients.

Press relations

We believe in quality and quantity media relations results. Clients value our practical strategic advice, hands-on crisis handling and support at all times. We have a track record of securing press coverage for sensitive court cases.

Business development

Which cases and missions drive your firm’s revenues? Which clients should you be looking to recruit?

Web and social media

Although word of mouth is still of paramount importance, more and more customers now find and select their counsels solely on the web. What would you say are your chances to be seen?

Coaching & conferences

Coaching & conferences

Clearcase gives conferences for large firms as well as law schools on the topics of marketing, PR, innovation and business development for law firms. In addition to this, we coach experts and spokespersons on how to convey key messages and talk to the media.

Prospecting new clients

Adapting to new market needs

Content marketing for professional services firms

Speaking with public influencers

Create your firm

Communication at partner level


Elodie Teissèdre is Clearcase’s founding partner and director. She advises firm partners in all aspects of PR, marketing and development. Her activity has led her more specifically to advise law and consulting firms in the development of their image, communication of expertise, securing of media relations (e.g. court case decisions), and promotion of services.

After 15 years in marketing and communication roles, first in the UK, then in France working in the management consulting sector (Masaï and Lowendal group) and lately in a PR agency (Enderby), Elodie went on to create Clearcase with the ambition to deliver strategic marketing and PR advice to professional service firms.

She is a graduate of Ecole de Management in Grenoble and holds an MBA (University of Newcastle, England). Elodie has developed a strong network of experienced and independent counsels in marketing, PR, communication and management, in order to bring extra value to clients. 


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